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Every year we look forward to our annual excursion to Bourbon Country in Kentucky, looking to find exceptional “honey barrels” of the world’s finest whiskeys. Please enjoy these photos of this year's trip.
Barton Distillery
TWS Management Team at Barton 1792 Distillery: Karl Kernan – Store Manager (Center, holding a bung hammer), Jon Kehler – Assistant Store Manager (Left, holding a barrel theif), Andrew Converse – Assistant Store Manager (Right)
Jim Beam Stillhouse
Stillhouse at Jim Beam Distillery, you can see the massive continuous still reaching out of the roof.
Elijah Craig sampling
Our first selection in process, Andrew nosing an Elijah Craig sample. The gentleman on the left is a Heaven Hill Distilling barrel selection ambassador.
Anderws Knob Creek Notes
Knob Creek - Single Barrel Reserve samples at Jim Beam. Andrew is meticulous in his notetaking.
Jon Knob Creek
Jon trying to beat out a bung of a Knob Creek Barrel. After a valiant effort resulting in a busted bung hammer, note the expression an Karl and Jon’s face, we had to defer to the expert and let the Jim Beam Manager show us how it was done. Karl and Andrew tried too, by the way…that damn thing was stuck good.
Selected Knob Creek Barrel
Our selected barrel of Knob Creek – Single Barrel Reserve.
Jefferson Reserve Samples
Six samples from our newest location to select from, Artisans Distilling – Jefferson’s Reserve.
Jim Beam Distilling Equip
Small-scale, craft distilling equipment. There current production averages 3 barrels a day, compared to about 1500 a day at Jim Beam.
Karl At Barton
Karl staring the process of selecting and blending two barrels at Barton 1792 Distilling. This was an extremely complex task.
Josh Hollifield
Josh Hollifield, Distillery Visitor Manager making it look easy to pound out bungs.
Jim Beam Booker Noe Quote
Jim Beam legend Booker Noe said it best, and we couldn’t agree more.
Karl & Jon compare notes
Decisions, decisions….Karl and Jon review notes and try to form a consensus. Sometimes this is the toughest part.
Barrel thief at Heaven Hill
A barrel thief on three barrels at Heaven Hill Distilling.
Warehouse Y Heaven Hill
Warehouse Y at Heaven Hill Distilling, the location they do all barrel selections. Most rackhouses don’t have flowers outside.
Heaven Hill tasting
Karl, Jon and the Heaven Hill ambassador. Doesn’t it look like hard work?
Jim Beam Distillery
Jim Beam Distillery production facility, one of three they currently operate.