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Bright Leaf Vineyard

Bright Leaf Vineyard is located near the shore of Cayuga Lake, halfway up the sunny east side. Their 14 acres of vines are planted on a south-west slope in close proximity to the lake, to provide both optimal sun exposure (which hastens the ripening process of the grapes), and strong prevailing breezes that encourage ventilation for the vines.  




Bright Leaf Vineyard is really two vineyards, including an upper and lower field, divided by a quarry of Tully limestone, which runs north-south through the farm. This creates two different soil types.


The winery operation is designed to provide a platform for the simple processing and development of quality fruit. Most of their fermentation takes place in large stainless steel tanks and all of their aging takes place in French oak. They believe in limited handling of the white wines to ensure fresh fruit flavors; and liberal blending of the red wines to enhance flavor complexity.


Bright Leaf Vineyard seeks to create a small, welcoming environment dedicated to producing unique flavorful wines.