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Picture of Fulkerson Winery


The Element Winery

Bob Bates and Christopher Bates, Master Sommelier, founded Element Winery in 2005. Together they have learned the ups and downs of wine making, and forged a recognizable style of wines. Christopher left the winery in Spring of 2014, and now Bob is a full time winemake 



When it comes to wine making they have a few guidelines they have set out for the wine they want to produce, here are a few excerpts from their list:

"Our goal is to guide the wine to be what it is capable of, not forcing it to be what we want it to be. To this end, we work hard to not craft the wines to an image, but rather allow the wine to be itself, and to allow the impacts of our region shine."

"We believe in making wines that are true to place. To this end, we do not remove things from our wines (Reverse Osmosis, Spinning Cones, etc). More importantly, we don’t add much either. With the exception of minimal amounts of sulfur, we don’t add anything to our wines. We do not want to force the wine."

Their tasting room is located in downtown Geneva at F.L.X. Provisions