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Black Diamond Farm

Black Diamond Farm was started by Ian and Jackie Merwin in 1992, sharing the farming and cidermaking with their daughters Erica Merwin and Chris Negronida and Alexis Self. They moved to Trumansburg 32 years ago from San Francisco, where they picked wine grapes and made wine in their garage. Since 1985 they made rough-and-tumble cider for fun, and then they decided to get their farm winery license when Ian retired from Cornell University in 2013. 






Black Diamond orchards are planted on Honeoye loam: the deep, well drained glacial till soil with great fertility. The farm slopes gently east toward Cayuga Lake, with orchards on the knolls, ponds and creeks in the swales. Using the method of European “Biointensive Integrated Fruit Production,”  they focus on natural disease resistance and biocontrols for pests. Black Diamond is an estate cidery, relying entirely on our own homegrown fruit. They use a traditional rack-and-cloth press in the cidery in Trumansburg. Their ciders feature up to a dozen varieties from the 150 plus which they grow. Their fermentations are cold and gentle with minimal intervention; initial fermentation with wild yeasts; and final stage completed by selected yeast strains. The ciders are aged 3 to 12 months depending on blend and yearly fruit characteristics. "We are an estate cidery... using only fruit grown on the farm." IAN MERWIN, CIDERMAKER