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Eve's Cidery

Eve’s is an orchard-based cidery producing Traditional Method ciders at the intersection of the Southern Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau. "Our best days are spent outside in the sun and rain growing apples on steep hillsides and rolling them down to the cidery." James Cummins and Autumn Stoscheck started Eve’s Cidery in 2001, using apples grown at James’ u-pick orchard. Since then, Eve’s has evolved into a cidery that grows apples for cider-making only, selecting specific varieties and intentionally growing them for cider quality: organically grown apples that bring concentrated flavors, structure and acidity to their ciders.. 



The primary impulse behind Eve's cider making is to find an answer to the question: Can you taste a place? Two orchard sites perched on either side of the geological divide between the Southern Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau. The first site, in Newfield, is 12 acres of trees planted by James in the eighties. These trees are large, rooted in a deep, dry, gravely loam, the glacial deposit from the shore of the ice age Lake Ithaca. The second site, in Van Etten, sits perched on a near cliff like hillside with layers of shale overlain with their silty loam sediment. Both sites face east, looking out on long valleys…the Cayuga Inlet running to the north in Newfield and Cayuta Creek running to the south in Van Etten… Eve's primary aim is to make cider that serves as a delightful accompaniment to food. Most of their ciders are dry, meaning there is very little or no apparent sweetness.