Signature Bourbons

What makes our Bourbons Special?
Some of you may not know what exactly makes our Signature Bourbon Collection unique. You may have noticed that you can find Single Barrel Editions from Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve in other stores, so what makes the bottle sold at Triphammer Wines and Spirits specials?

In the case of our Signature Bourbon Collection, our staff went directly to the source to taste and hand-pick the best barrels available from some of our favorite distilleries. While all distilleries strive for product consistency, crafting fine bourbon is an art form and therefore subtle differences do occur from barrel to barrel. Once a favorite was agreed upon by Triphammer Wines and Spirits staff, we purchased the entire barrel and asked that it be bottled and shipped to our store and our store alone.

Annually we visit Bourbon Country in Kentucky, looking for exceptional "honey barrels" of the world's finest whiskeys. View photos from our most recent trip by clicking here.