Family Owned, Ithaca Made

Since 1941

Crowley Liquor Store opens for business at 409 W. Buffalo St, Ithaca N.Y. / 1941

For 80 years, our mission has always stayed the same. We strive to provide an unparalleled customer experience through unique educational opportunities and innovative tasting programs in an atmosphere that is at all times professional, approachable, and efficient. We share our passion for providing outstanding local, domestic, and imported wines and spirits at competitive pricing through responsive customer care executed by a highly educated, meticulously trained, and experienced team of experts.

What makes us stand out? Our efforts to bring unique educational experiences to the community. We offer weekly complimentary wine tastings every Friday from 4-7 at our elegant wine bar. With 10% off the featured wine, our customers are encouraged to branch out and try exciting new wines.

Our History: Celebrating 80 years of service

Bob and Julie
Owner Julie Crowley and her father, Bob Crowley.

Inside look at Crowley's Restaurant & Grill. / 1919.

Clippings from the Ithaca Journal announcing a new liquor store opening up. / Oct. 3rd 1941.

Our story begins back in the 1870’s, when a man named Timothy Crowley journeyed across the Atlantic. He was only 22 years old at the time he settled in Ithaca, and the family has been here ever since. As longstanding members of the community, the Crowley’s have played a major role in developing the city of Ithaca for well over a century. Today it is owned by Julie Crowley, who grew up watching her father, Bob Crowley, run the business for over 50 years.

Fun fact: we weren’t always a liquor store. In 1919, Al Crowley returned from his time in the military and opened up a restaurant right in the heart of downtown Ithaca. Crowley’s restaurant & grill would go on to become a beloved spot within the community, laying the foundation for a loyal customer base that has since only grown stronger. After 20 years in the restaurant business, Al decided to sell the restaurant and embark on a new adventure, taking the whole family with him.

The Crowley family Triphammer Wines and Spirits began as Crowley’s Liquor Store in 1941 at 222 ½ S. Cayuga Street in Ithaca, New York. The store was a fraction of the size it currently is, with only Al and Margaret Crowley, Julie’s grandparents, behind the counter. When Al’s health began to decline, their son Bob stepped up to help run the business alongside his mother. As a family unit, the Crowleys became synonymous with success as neighbors and travelers alike appreciated the charm of a family-owned business.

Bob Crowley took over Crowley’s liquor in 1962. With his mother Margaret’s blessings, Bob moved the business from downtown Ithaca to the new Triphammer Plaza in Lansing, NY and rebranded as Triphammer Liquor. Over the next 50 years Bob proved to be an astute businessman, growing the business from a small liquor store to a significant retailer of both wines and spirits that evolved with the trending interests locally and nationwide. Bob brought in wines from around the world and was an early supporter of Finger Lakes wines. Although Bob passed away in 2013, he is still remembered as the heart and soul of the business, as he did it all – from ordering to stocking to running the registers. He was known to be social and enjoyed chatting with customers.

In 2002, Julie Crowley returned to Ithaca to take over the family business and rebranded as Triphammer Wines & Spirits. Julie has remained committed to the same high quality of customer service and extensive selection as her father. Taking after her father’s pioneering spirit, she continues to grow and expand the business adding features such as a full wine tasting bar for weekly tastings, state of the art wine tasting machines for daily tastings, and other unique features to enhance customer service. Julie is also committed to continued development of her already seasoned staff, investing in their travel and educational classes and events to expand their knowledge.

In addition to running two businesses located in Ithaca and Lansing, Ithaca Coffee Company and Triphammer Wines and Spirits, Julie invests in the community in many other ways. She has served on the board at Challenge Workforce Solutions, the Tompkins Country Chamber of Commerce, and the Alzheimer’s Association of Central New York. She is also the founder of the annual Alzheimer’s benefit gala, “An Evening to Remember”, which has been held annually since 2007. For more information on the gala please visit