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About the Region: Keuka Lake is unusual because it is Y-shaped, in contrast to the long and narrow shape of the other Finger Lakes. "Keuka" is the name the Seneca people gave to the lake, roughly translated to mean "Canoe Landing". Early settlers named her "The Crooked Lake". In the late 1800's the wine industry began to flourish and the vintners felt that Crooked Lake was not a very elegant name to be associated with fine wines. The name of the lake was officially changed to Keuka in 1887.

About the Tour: While the specific bottles will change depending on availability, producers may include some of the following:

Heron Hill Winery
In 1972 John and Josephine Ingle first planted grapevines overlooking Canandaigua Lake, known today as Ingle Vineyard. They established Heron Hill Winery on Keuka Lake in 1977, and through perseverance and long-term dedication to excellence in winemaking, Heron Hill Winery has become a coveted destination within the world-class Finger Lakes region.

Bully Hill Vineyards
Bully Hill's fate was set into motion almost 100 years before its inception when founder Walter S. Taylor's grandfather started the Taylor Wine Company on the very same plot of land Bully Hill stands on today. Walter became growingly concerned with the direction Taylor was taking under the protection of New York law, protection that let wineries deceptively make their wine under a veil of secrecy. Determined to honor his family legacy by making honest wine with 100 percent New York juice Walter turned his attention on a new venture-Bully Hill Vineyards.

Dr. Frank Wine Cellars
Dr. Konstantin Frank ignited the "Vinifera Revolution" a movement that forever changed the course of wine growing in the Finger Lakes and the United States. Dr. Frank's vision, knowledge and determination are credited with elevating the New York wine industry from a state of happy mediocrity to a level that today commands world attention. Dr. Frank's son, Willy Frank continued the tradition of excellence and determination. Willy amazed the industry in the late 1980's by releasing an exquisite sparkling wine made at his very own Chateau Frank. Chateau Frank adheres to the "methode champenoise" using the three classic French Champagne grape varieties successfully creating another first for the Finger Lakes Region of New York - world class sparkling wines.

McGregor Vineyard
For over forty years, the McGregors have grown the finest European wine grapes in the Finger Lakes. They are pioneers of dry red and white wines, and are home to the legendary Black Russian Red wine.

Hunt Country Vineyards
The Hunt family has been farming west of Keuka Lake in New York's Finger Lakes for seven generations. In 1981 they started crafting wine and have committed themselves to caring for the land, water, and air for future generations. They have nearly eliminated fossil fuel use for heating, cooling and electricity by installing geothermal and solar systems. They are working to increase soil health through organic amendments, large-scale composting, and mulching. "Winemakers for the people. Stewards of the earth. That's who we are."

Ravines Wine Cellars
Ravines Wine Cellars is a boutique winery in the emerging world-class wine region of the Finger. It is the dream and passion of Morten & Lisa Hallgren, a European Winemaker/Oenologist and his Chef/Foodie wife. Together they have created a small, distinctive winery crafting elegant and food friendly wines using Old World winemaking traditions with New World innovation.