Black Diamond Rabblerouser, Dry Cider, Cayuga Lake, 750ml


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RabbleRouser Cider is a unique blend of American heirloom apples, old English bittersweets, and rare red-fleshed apples -Pink Pearl and Redfield -that create its sunset aura and tropical fruit aromas. With a touch of tannins, light carbonation and off-dry sweetness, RabbleRouser is perfect for parties or festive dinners. It tastes best when chilled before serving. Tasting Notes: Tropical fruit, passion fruit, lively warm tannins. Long lasting slightly sweet finish. Alcohol: 7.4% Residual Sugar: 0% PH: 3.51 TA: 9.1 g/l European Bittersweets – 35% Heirloom Sharps – 55% Red-fleshed – 10%