Finger Lakes Distilling, Seneca Drums Gin, New York, 750ml


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"On warm summer evenings, the legendary Seneca Drums rumble over the deep, still waters of Seneca Lake. Some believe the distant booms are a message from the Iroquois who inhabited the area hundreds of years ago, while other believe the are simply the result of geothermal reactions."

Seneca Drums Gin, like the phenomenon for which it is named, is an expressive, yet harmonious, London-style dry gin, distilled from Finger Lakes Distilling's own local grape spirit and a signature blend of 11 botanicals. The end result is a gin that is legendary in its own right, sure to resonate with both new gin drinkers and traditionalists.

As the first stand-alone distillery located in the Finger Lakes Region, Finger Lakes Distilling proudly produces only the finest spirits. Everything is distilled from scratch, in small batches, and without any shortcuts.