Michter's, Single Barrel Straight Rye, Kentucky, 750ml


SKU: 03938300650
93 points Wine Enthusiast Crazy-sweet aroma, full of caramel, vanilla and a slight floral touch. The bite comes first (and lingers awhile), followed by vanilla, caramel, coconut flavors. It mellows considerably with ice, and becomes quite likeable, drinkable and mild. (11/ 2010) Limited to quanity on hand. We can't honor bottles sold into the negative! Known for Rye since their founding in 1753, Michter's doesn't mess around when it comes to this undervalued spirit. Michter's US #1 Rye is made from select sheared rye, which concentrates the grain's flavors during fermentation. Notes of spice, black pepper, marmalade and plum. Aged in fire-charred, new American white oak barrels.