Wathen's, Single Barrel Bourbon, Kentucky, 750ml


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Wathen's Kentucky Bourbon is a premium Kentucky Bourbon created by Charles W. Medley using the same recipe and techniques that have been handed directly and unchanged through eight generations of the Wathen and Medley families. The two families combined their unwavering commitment to quality with the conditions and ingredients of the region to produce Kentucky's finest straight bourbon whiskey. Pristine water, naturally filtered through Kentucky's underground limestone deposits, is used exclusively in the 100% copper doubling process. This finest cereal grains - corn, rye, and malted barley - are selected, milled, and proportioned to exacting standards to produce a mash that awaits the magic of the fermentation process. The Medley family yeast, a zealously guarded secret handed down through eight generations, is then added to the mash. After double distilling, the whiskey is then stored in the finest charred new white oak barrels and allowed to age unhurried to its peak of flavor. Time honored tradition, hands-on expertise, and old-fashioned know-how are the final ingredients. The result is Wathen's Kentucky Bourbon. A rich tawny caramel color, this mellow premium straight Bourbon whiskey is the essence of smoothness. Taste it and we think you will agree Wathen's Kentucky Bourbon is the proudest achievement of bourbon whiskey's royal family. Color: Wathen's has a classic, deep orange color reminiscent of polished maple furniture. Not too dark or too light, but a just right middle-ground. Nose: The nose is a classic essence of sweet bourbon. There are hints of citrus, orange marmalade, vanilla, and oak. It's a clean, fresh aroma. Flavor: Wathen's has a rich flavor that starts out sweet with raisins, vanilla, cherries, and oranges and then opens up to nice hot peppers and spice. A very smooth and pleasant bourbon to sip, and all the flavors hold up well to a couple cubes of ice for a hot summer day. Overall it's sweet without feeling sticky or heavy. Finish: There's a nice bit of spicy burn on the tongue as the taste fades. The finish is smooth with long-lingering spice and grape flavors.